Python Compilers Workshop

We’ll start at 9:30 am (Austin time, 14:30 UTC) on July 11 in room 104 of the AT&T Center at UT Austin.

Basic facts

What: A workshop to bring together folks working on different approaches to high-performance compilation for Python, to share experience, discuss common interests, and start sketching out a roadmap for how the broader Python ecosystem can adapt to take maximal advantage of these new implementations.

When and where: Starting at 9:30 am, July 11-12, 2016 in Austin, Texas, co-located with the SciPy 2016 conference. (This is just before the main conference, and overlaps with the SciPy tutorial days.)

Venue: AT&T Center, room 104

Who: Open to the public; no registration fee.

Organized by: Nathaniel Smith (


There’s an intense and growing interest in techniques for compiling Python or near-Python languages to native code; a partial list includes PyPy, Numba, Pyston, Cython, Jython, Nuitka, Pythran, Pyjion, Numexpr, HOPE, GT-Py

Now seems like a good time to compare notes! Plus there are lots of questions that seem like they could benefit from some cross-project collaboration. Our exact agenda will depend on participants’ interests, but here are some examples to give the flavor:


TBD – probably we’ll start with some talks from different projects to outline their approaches and name some problems they’re worrying about, and then switch to unconference mode.

A partial list of confirmed attendees


We’re grateful to our sponsors for helping make this event possible:


We’re also very grateful to the SciPy organizers (especially Jill Cowan) for providing space and other assistance.


Travel information

See the SciPy 2016 web site for suggestions on lodging, transportation, and other travel details.

Code of conduct

Workshop attendees are expected to adhere to the SciPy code of conduct. Please report any violations or concerns to Nathaniel Smith or a member of SciPy staff.